Friday, September 30, 2022

    Welcome to White Rose Community Television Online! Here you will find Live Streams of Channel 16, 18, and the Community Calendar.  You will also find WRCT Produced VOD (Video On Demand) files. As well as, VOD Meetings files for York City Council Meetings, York County Commissioners Meetings, and Dover School District's School Board Meetings.  You can learn about the history of public access television in York and the current state of WRCT.

WRCT-LOGO-smallWhite Rose Community Television (WRCT) is a Regional Public, Education and Government (PEG) Cable Television Access System that reaches over 100,000 households in 55 of York County’s 72 municipalities on the Comcast Cable TV System. Historically channel 16 reaches 55,000 subscribers in the greater York Area with approximately 4,000 households located in the City of York. In 2005, channel 18 was added to the cable line up. Channel 18’s footprint includes the greater York area and added an additional 45,000 subscribers down into the Hanover area. Households that have satellite service that cannot receive WRCT are encouraged to watch our programming on the internet via

WRCT provides an opportunity for a local voice in the creation of content by organizations and individuals throughout York County. WRCT broadcasts municipal and school board meetings, student productions and is a unique and valuable resource to communicate effectively to residents, which allows a greater participation in the process of governing.


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