Friday, September 30, 2022

Full Featured Video Production Facility

White Rose Community Television can produce a wide range of in-studio and remote productions utilizing multiple camera with a robust editing capability.


  • Large flexible recording studio
  • HD Tricaster TCXD 855 video switcher (Learn more about our custom tally light interface)
  • Three Panasonic HD cameras with full studio controls
  • Three remote controlled HD cameras
  • Multiple teleprompters
  • Yamaha LS9 Digital Sound Console
  • 2 phone lines interfaced through JK Audio Digital Hybrid
    Skype/Internet computer for Skype interaction or other internet uses
    Clear-Com wireless intercom system
  • Can accomodate a large variety of physical sets
  • Large chroma-key green screen on main wall of studio
  • Sophisticate Lighting system for multiple effects
  • Multiple editing suites based on Adobe Premier 6.0

Channel 16 Live (2)

Channel 18 Live (2)