Tomorrow Today

Air Times CH18
Tuesday 5:30 PM
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Produced by Deutsche Welle (DW), Tomorrow Today is DW's "Science Magazine."

 DW’s science program Tomorrow Today focuses on current topics in research, and is aimed at anyone who is interested in ongoing projects in Germany and Europe. Our reports use terms and concepts that are easily understood, portrayed in interesting ways, and address the core issues at stake. The show presents a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in science and research.

Expert journalists present lively reports from scientific fields that are important for the future – from space exploration to medical research, from the latest insights in psychology to planning the cities of tomorrow. Biographic reports introduce the people behind the latest developments and explain the work performed by outstanding scientists in the past. Tomorrow Today looks at the effects that this research has on our daily lives, and in-depth interviews with accredited experts on the show make the background and human aspect of science an interactive, tangible experience.

Tomorrow Today – we tell you about the trends and developments that will form the future, from breakthroughs in aerospace technology to environmental protection, from genetic research to medical innovation. We get you in touch with the people that are thinking one step ahead of the game: visionaries, lateral thinkers, and the people who shape tomorrow’s world.

Tomorrow Today on DW. The science program for people that want to know what’s coming next.